Monday, April 28, 2014

SquareTwo: "No Poor Among Them"

Over the weekend, Nathaniel and I had an article published in the online journal SquareTwo titled "'No Poor Among Them': Global Poverty, Free Markets, and the 'Fourfold' Mission." SquareTwo is more-or-less a Mormon version of the broadly Catholic First Things, focusing on the intersection of faith ("square one") and politics. Our article discusses Mormonism's concern for the poor and the recent addition to the "threefold mission" of the LDS Church: "to care for the poor and needy." The main thrust of the paper is that global capitalism has reduced extreme poverty and inequality worldwide. For those concerned about global poverty, free markets have a rather impressive track record. One of the most consistent themes throughout the scriptures is our moral obligation toward the poor (Sodom's sin has more to do with this than homosexuality). It is because I feel strongly about improving the well-being of the least well off that I support global markets. In other words, I think capitalism can be a great force for social justice.

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