Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Not Easy Bein' Green

When writer Evan Wright interviewed a number of Seattle anarchists (published in his book Hella Nation), he found that many were radical environmentalists and "future primitives." As one said, "Think of our ancestors as wonderful primitives, not cavemen! ...Before agriculture and animal husbandry...when we were a hunter-gatherer society, there was equality between people and between genders. There was no war and no pollution. There was leisure time. Disease was unknown. Cancer did not exist."[1]

Um, no. What's unfortunate is that many of the "evils" these anarchists and other radicals fight against in the name of Mother Earth (convict Craig Marshall aka Wingnut compared the acts of the Unabomber to defending one's mother against home invasion) have actually improved life on earth, both for its human inhabitants and the environment.

Be green (I know it's hard), but be smart about it.

1. Evan Wright, Hella Nation: Looking for Happy Meals in Kandahar, Rocking the Side Pipe, Wingnut's War Against the Gap, and Other Adventures with the Totally Lost Tribes of America (New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2009), 92-93.


  1. This was a bit before my mission, but I was on some yahoo group for writing historical fiction, and there was a discussion on some novel about Northwestern Indian tribes. The author wrote a hideously romanticised and cheesy description of how all the women went to pick berries for the tribe, played in the sun barefoot all day, and ate berries to their heart's content. The author had certainly never picked berries, let alone lived in a hunter-gatherer society. I've never experienced the latter, but I have done the former. It is long and tedious. The description annoyed me so much that I rewrote it. Had the woman recollecting how they went out to work for hours under the sun's glare picking berries until their fingers hurt, and if they tried to steal one or two the older women beat them. When you are depending on berries for a source of food, you would certainly not allow someone to eat them while they pick.

  2. Allen, we all know that isn't true. Our Paleolithic ancestors were fun-loving vegans who sat around a non-C02 emitting campfire singing "Kumbaya."

  3. As penance I am giving up hygiene, and will burn everything I own that causes pollution.